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Hello everybody, and welcome to BEE BOLD with Asset Bold. This page is based around the Asset product line... focusing on Asset Bold. I'm sure we have an Asset Product designed just for you to fit into your busy lifestyle. I'm here to help and answer any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from all of you :)
Asset Products are now manufactured in the 
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Available in Intense/Royal & Edge/Royal
 May 2013 (Asset Bold  Day 1)
September 2013 (4 months on Asset Bold)
July 2012-July 2013
April 2011-July 2013August 2012-August 2013
Please read the information listed within this website before taking any Asset Product.
BEE BOLD with Asset Bold does not accept responsibility for the actions or results of any action taken by any buyer of these products.
If you are unsure that this is a safe product for you, please consult your physician or a qualified health professional.
Asset products are not approved by the FDA
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